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We maintain a database of potential subcontractors and vendors to assist us in serving our clients. If you are interested in current and/or future subcontracting opportunities with us, please submit a Pre-Qualification Form.

If you are a small business and are seeking assistance or some preliminary information prior to completing the Pre-Qualification Form, please feel free to email us at

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Message from our CEO

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. In the rapidly developing situation for the SARS-COV-2 virus (and the COVID-19 disease that it causes), we are working hard to support our employees, clients and communities.

Our Clients: We work in many different countries and jurisdictions for various types of clients. We are aligning our project delivery approach with our clients’ direction: in some cases, our clients have deemed our projects “mission-critical” or “mission-essential” and we are continuing our work enthusiastically. In other cases, clients or end-users have limited to eliminated access to the project sites and we are working closely with those clients to ensure a smooth moth-balling of the projects and a thoughtful transition from the site for us and our subcontractors.

In everything we do for our clients, we strive to be “Trusted Partners”

Our Employees: Our vision is to be “A Great Place to Work” and even in these difficult times, that is our goal. We do this by supporting our employees at work and home. In cases where “shelter-in-place” orders have been issued, our employees are working from home. If their jobs don’t allow for such work, they are taking PTO; those of us with extra PTO are donating such PTO to others; and we are advancing PTO to those who may be new and don’t have enough accrued yet. We are also complying proactively with the imminent new law to help those that are unable to work because of infection or for taking care of loved ones.

Our Subcontractors and Partners: We execute as teams with our partners and are transparent with them on the impact of the COVID-19 situation on our projects and proposals. We ensure, within the bounds of the subcontracts/agreements that we listen openly, talk honestly and work to find win-win solutions for everyone involved.

Our Communities: As we move through the various stages of this pandemic, there will be many opportunities for us to be of service to our communities. As always, ECC will be at the forefront to help others in times of trouble. This is the third part of our vision statement: “Building a Better World

We have to remember that “this, too, shall pass” and when it does, we should be proud of the actions that we took and the manner in which we approached challenges during this rough period. This Legacy Mindset is what’s needed at this time.

Manjiv S. Vohra
Burlingame, California
March 19, 2020

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